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AMMO of Mig Jimenez 8624 Airviper Airbrush

AMMO of Mig Jimenez 8624 Airviper Airbrush

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Airviper Airbrush (0,2 mm)

AMMO AIRVIPER Airbrush is a versatile tool with durability to last a lifetime. It is not only tough, solid, and effective, but also light weight providing the highest level of performance. In addition to this, Aiviper Airbrush has an inspiring slender and aggressive look. This airbrush will allow you to work with any type of paint including acrylics, enamels, inks, watercolors, lacquers, urethane, primers, varnishes, food coloring, and cosmetics among other mediums – and apply them with unparalleled precision. We recommend using with an air pressure ranging between 10-20 psi or 1-1.4 bar.

It's time to set yourself apart from the crowd, to experience the joy of handling a modeler designed airbrush, the AIRVIPER manufactured in the United States, with 100% American materials and designed by decades of experience!

The AIRVIPER has been designed especially for modelers. It incorporates all the necessary features to perform a variety of tasks with the great precision required by today´s modelers:
Gravity Feed Double Action Airbrush

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